[URBANTH-L]TOC: Urban Affairs Review, May 2005

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Mon Jun 6 13:33:48 EDT 2005

Following is the Table of Contents for
_Urban Affairs Review_ Vol. 40, n. 5 (May 2005)

1. Beyond Federal Urban Policy
William R. Barnes

2. Private Markets, Contracts, and Government Provision: What Explains
the Organization of Local Waste and Recycling Markets?
Margaret Walls, Molly Macauley, and Soren Anderson

3. Media and Momentum: Strategic Contributing in a Big-City Mayoral
Timothy B. Krebs and David B. Holian

4. Nested Levels of Institutions: State Rules and City Property Taxes
Barbara Coyle McCabe and Richard C. Feiock

5. Battery Park City: An Ethnographic Field Study of the Community
Impact of 9/11
Setha M. Low, Dana H. Taplin, and Mike Lamb

6. Book Review: Moving People, Goods, and Information in the 21st
Century: The Cutting-Edge Infrastructures of Networked Cities
Eric J. Petersen

7. Book Review: The Right to the City: Social Justice and the Fight for
Public Space
Keith Wardrip

8. Book Review: Behind the Gates: Life, Security, and the Pursuit of
Happiness in Fortress America
Brent D. Ryan

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