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Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Tue Jun 28 15:00:30 EDT 2005

 U.S.P.A. - Urban.Space.Public.Art
Searchable Bibliography of Public Art Publications

Urban . Space . Public . Art is a research group based in the Department of
Geography and Geomatics in the University of Glasgow. Our focus is urban
public space and in particular the role that public art plays in the
processes of urban cultural regeneration, community development and social

U.S.P.A. has produced a searchable bibliography of research and commentary
on public art. This can be found via our website:

The bibliography currently has over 1300 entries and is still 'under
construction'. We hope that it will be of use to artists, academics,
decision makers, commissioners etc. If you have any comments or would like
to suggest any additions for the bibliography please e-mail us on
uspa at geog.gla.ac.uk
We hope that you find the bibliography to be a useful resource.

U.S.P.A. - Urban.Space.Public.Art
Department of Geography and Geomatics
Centre for Geosciences
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Email: uspa at geog.gla.ac.uk
Visit the website at http://www.geog.gla.ac.uk:443/uspa/

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