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Mexico Solidarity Network
Study Abroad Program

16-credit, semester abroad program on Mexican Social Movements
Sept 11 - Dec 17, 2005 Jan 29 - May 13, 2006

For detailed information and applications see
The Mexico Solidarity Network Study Abroad program is a 14-week,
inter-disciplinary course focusing on the context, strategy and tactics of
Mexican social movements. The course is open to college students and
activists who want to investigate the theoretical groundings and actual
manifestations of Mexican social movements, with important lessons for
international solidarity work and US-based movements. The 16-credit program
is accredited (applicable to most undergraduate or masters programs) by the
Universidad AutonomA MetropolitanA - Xochimilco, one of Mexico's most
prestigious universities.

The course will give participants the theoretical grounding and practical
experience to be more effective social actors in a globalized world.
Participants will study:
The social, political and cultural context within which Mexican social
movements struggle.
Grassroots alternatives to predominant neoliberal models of development.
Strategies, structures and manifestations of Mexican social movements,
including indigenous and campesino movements, globalifobicos, ex-Braceros,
women's organizations, independent labor organizations and NGOs.

Educational objectives:
Introduce students to Mexico's rich and diverse economic, political and
social context, with special emphasis on grassroots and community-based
initiatives that are struggling for democracy, autonomy and

Understand the depth and scope of the US-Mexico relationship, with
particular emphasis on power dynamics, economic and social relations, and
important bi-national issues, including immigration, the neoliberal model,
narco-trafficking, labor rights, and environmental issues.
Develop strong Spanish language skills, with emphasis on oral communication
and comprehension.

Improve important grassroots organizing skills, including critical analysis,
strategic analysis, organizational dynamics, writing and public speaking.

Develop strong intercultural skills based on a solid understanding of race,
class and gender dynamics, and an appreciation of international solidarity.

Establish relationships with grassroots and community-based groups in
Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez.

Participants spend eight weeks in Chiapas, two weeks in Toluca de Guadalupe,
Tlaxcala, a long weekend in Mexico City, two weeks in Chihuahua City, and
two weeks in Ciudad Juarez. Courses are based on the modular system, an
interdisciplinary educational model developed at the UAM-Xochimilco. The
modular system encourages student participation and a dynamic, hands-on
approach to integrating theory and practice.

Participants should be at least 18 years old, have experience in grassroots
or community-based organizing, and have completed at least one year of
college-level Spanish or equivalent in language mastery. The successful
applicant will have a basic grounding in political analysis, globalization
processes and grassroots movements.

The academic steering committee responsible for developing course content
and educational goals includes:

Dr. Glenn Keicker, DePauw University
Dr. Sonia Comboni, UAM-Xochimilco, Mexico City
Dr. Andres Jimenez, U of CA
Prof. Keith Yearman, College of DuPage
Dr. Celeste Kostopulos-Cooperman, Suffolk University
Dr. Esteban Loustaunau, Augustana College
Dr. Norma Lozano Jackson, Benedict College
Dr. Peter Jackson, Benedict College
Dr's. Patricia and Howard Lamson, Earlham College
Dr. Nina Reich, Loyola-Marymount Univ
Dr. Alicia Schmit-Camacho, Yale Univ
Dr. Raymundo Sanchez Barraza, Universidad de la Tierra, Chiapas
Dr. Sonia Comboni, UAM-Xochimilco, Mexico City
Dr. Cheri Meacham, North Park University
Prof. David Lozano, UAM-Xochimilco, Mexico City
Dr. Merike Blofield, Grand Valley State Univ-MI
Dr. Sarah Hernandez, New College of Florida
Dr. Teresa Vazquez, Pitzer College
Dr. Jeanne Simonelli, Chair of Dept of Anthropology, Wake Forest Univ.
Dr. Skip Oliver, Heidelberg College
Prof. Lesley Davis, Indiana University School of Law
Dr. Vicki Galloway, Professor of Spanish and Associate Chair for Research
and Assessment in the School of Modern Languages, Georgia Tech
Dr. Gypsy Swanger, Border Studies Program, Earlham College
Dr. Margaret Cerullo, Hampshire College

For an application or more information, contact the Mexico Solidarity
Network at the below e-mail address or telephone number.  For detailed
information and applications see: www.MexicoSolidarity.org/Study%20Abroad/

Mexico Solidarity Network
Email: msn at mexicosolidarity.org
Visit the website at http://www.mexicosolidarity.org

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