[URBANTH-L]Call for Applicants: NITLE Urban Studies GIS Workshop

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Thu Mar 17 14:30:57 EST 2005

[This workshop is a little off-topic for anthropology, but I thought it
might still be of interest to some -AJ]

NITLE Urban Studies GIS Workshop
Connecticut, United States
Application Deadline: April 1, 2005

The National Institute for Technology & Liberal Education (NITLE) is
accepting applications to participate in an Urban Studies geographical
information system (GIS) workshop, to be held at Trinity College (Hartford
CT) from May 31 - June 3, 2005.  This workshop will provide faculty with an
opportunity to focus and practice their GIS skills in a targeted manner,
towards the discipline-specific content area of urban studies. Applied,
hands-on computer work each day will be complemented by evening
presentations and opportunities to consult with our instructors on your
particular GIS interests.

A sample of topics to be covered during this workshop includes:

-The integration of data from multiple sources into a single GIS project
-Use of current and historical census data, including the Neighborhood
Change Database
-Aggregation of data across varying spatial scales, with modifiable area
unit problems
-Georeferencing and geocoding
-Methods of symbolization and classification to communicate information
effectively on maps
-Exploration, quantification, and evaluation of spatial patterns through
spatial statistics
-GIS as a component of service-learning
-Approaches to using GIS in courses with urban studies content.

This workshop is primarily intended for faculty at NITLE's 81 affiliated
colleges. There is no charge to attend this workshop, and NITLE will cover
the cost of lodging and reimburse participants for travel expenses. Most
meals are the responsibility of the participant or his/her institution. If
you are a faculty member at a non-NITLE school, please contact Diana Stuart
Sinton for possible participation in this workshop.

For more details, see website or contact Diana Sinton
Diana Stuart Sinton
GIS Program Director, NITLE
CET / Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont 05753
802.443.5761 voice
dsinton at middlebury.edu
Email: dsinton at middlebury.edu
Visit the website at http://gis.nitle.org/workshops/urban.htm

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