[URBANTH-L] New Darmstadt Graduate Program, "History, Environment and Cities"

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sun Mar 27 16:23:22 EST 2005

 Master-Degree: "History, Environment and Cities"

 With its new M.A. "History - Environment - City" the Technical University
of Darmstadt offers a unique insight into the historical origins of modern
urban life and its ecological conditions. From a long-time perspective
students will get a better understanding of current and future environmental
problems and learn how to make urban life more sustainable as the basic
component of modern society. The four-term course (2 years) which is mainly
taught in German leads to the international approved grade "Master of Arts"
Students will have to meet the requirement of a B.A. in History, Sociology,
Architecture, Constructional Engineering, Cultural Sciences or in another
relevant subject. Job opportunities will be found in:

-archives, museums, scientific and educational institutions
-urban, regional or landscape planing
-tourism, industrial archaeology, preservation of historic and cultural
-public relations and media.

Interdisciplinary classes will enable the students to bridge scientific
disciplines and methodological approaches and to increase their knowledge
and abilities in the field of urban and environmental history. Additional
classes will be taught to foster their abilities in job-relevant areas like
rhetoric and professional appearance, computing, foreign languages and "soft
Darmstadt is situated in the South of Germany, only about 30 kms from
Frankfurt Main with its international airport. The city lies on the northern
foothills of the beautiful Odenwald region near the romantic Rhine valley. A
centre of culture and literature for many centuries, Darmstadt is also
well-known for its Technical University with its strong interdisciplinary
potentials. In recent years the university has put a special stress on urban
and environmental studies.

Prof Dr Dieter Schott
Darmstadt University of Technology
Institute of History
64283 Darmstadt
Phone: 00 49 6151 16 2044
Email: schott at pg.tu-darmstadt.de
Visit the website at http://www.geschichte.tu-darmstadt.de

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