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Thu Mar 31 22:32:30 EST 2005

 Fellowship: Institute for Advanced Study

School of Social Science Fellowships 2006-07
Deadline: November 15, 2005

Each year the Institute for Advanced Study's School of Social Science in
Princeton, New Jersey, invites fifteen to twenty scholars to spend an
academic year in residence as Visiting Members, pursuing their own research.
It welcomes applications in economics, political science, law, psychology,
sociology, and anthropology. It encourages social scientific work with an
historical and humanistic bent and also entertains applications in history,
philosophy, literary criticism, literature, and linguistics. Memberships are
awarded at both the junior and senior levels. The theme for 2006-07 is The
"Third World" Now. The last sixty years have seen a dramatic change in the
shape of the world. Colonial empires have dissolved either violently or
peacefully and a new international system has taken shape. We want to bring
together a group of scholars from all over the world whose individual work
(substantive and focused as well as theoretical) will contribute to the
drawing of this map and who collectively will articulate the analytic
categories that can make sense of the "third world" as it is now. (Please
note that applications that do not fall within the parameters of the theme
for 2006-2007 will also receive full consideration.)

Contact Information
Donne Petito
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive
Princeton NJ 08540 USA
Email: donne at ias.edu
URL http://www.sss.ias.edu/home/applications.html

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