[URBANTH-L]law against begging

Eva Tessza Udvarhelyi evatessza at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 00:35:11 EDT 2005

Dear Colleagues,

I am a Hungarian anthropologist (actually in my last year of university at 
ELTE, Budapest) and Im involved in research about and social action for 
homeless people in Budapest. The town hall of Budapest is just about to 
introduce a new law against begging in central public spaces. We social 
workers, anthropologists, sociologists and some civil organizations) are 
trying to present some arguments to the city hall against this new law 
before it gets accepted and we would like to ask you for your experience and 
contacts related to this issue. Can any of you give me examples of past 
actions/arguments/measures etc against such laws or ordinances in their own 
countries, or sources or people that we possibly could consult?

We would be very grateful for any information you could give us because this 
seems to be our last chance to mount some opposition to the law (it has 
already been approved of by the Ministry of Justice as well... and now it is 
waiting for the approval of the city representatives). We already presented 
our own arguments to them and they seem quite indifferent and now we would 
like to know if there is any methods or ideas that worked in other countries 
that we might be able to try also here...

Thank you very much for your help and sharing of experience!

Warm regards,

Tessza Udvarhelyi

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