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Please be sure to respond to this survey. Neither the email 
below (from AAA) nor the survey provide much detail. 

Folks should be aware that there is currently a boycott led 
by UNITE HERE Local 2. The boycott began in November and has 
recently escalated. There is a good potential for the boycott 
and/or other labor actions to continue. Both the hotel chains 
and UNITE HERE are dug in due to the importance of the San 
Francisco market as a union stronghold with good political 
support. This suggest the potential to disrupt the 2006 AAA 

Please take the time to respond to the survey link below.

AND: Don't forget to vote on the AAA ballot, which is due May 


AAA is scheduled to hold its 2006 Annual Meeting from 
November 27 to December 1 at the Hilton Hotel in San 
Francisco, CA.  Presently, hotel employees are working under 
terms of an expired labor contract.  Organized labor and 
hotel management have not been able to come to agreement on a 
new labor contract, and the union of hotel employees is 
urging a boycott of all meetings in this and 13 other hotel 
properties in San Francisco. 

If hotel employees and management cannot come to an agreement 
on a new labor contract, the AAA Executive Board will 
consider rescheduling and/or relocating the meeting.  This 
decision will be made well in advance of the meeting, before 
members have purchased airline tickets or made hotel 
reservations.  In preparation for that decision, the AAA 
Board is seeking your views about how a potential 
labor/management dispute at the hotel would affect your 
attendance at the meeting. 

This survey has just 4 questions, and should take no more 
than a minute to complete.  Your answers will be held in the 
strictest confidence.  No individual responses will be 
reported. Only summary responses of the membership as a whole 
will be reported. Your participation will provide the AAA 
Executive Board will much needed information.  To complete 
the survey, please click on the link below: 


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