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United Nations University Fellowship Program

*United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies PhD Fellowship
Programme 2005*

*Closing Date:  6 May 2005 at Yokohama, Japan*

UNU-IAS Fellowship Awards offer financial and material support necessary for
the successful completion of doctoral research that is closely related to 
UNU-IAS's own research programmes to commence on 1 October 2005.

Research topics should relate clearly to one of the following current
research areas of the UNU-IAS:
*1. Biodiplomacy* (Policy oriented research for international
negotiations processes relating to conservation and use of biodiversity,
access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, protection of
traditional knowledge, intellectual property rights, bioethics, biosafety
and biosecurity).

*2. Sustainable Development Governance* (Studies on effectiveness
of institutions for sustainable development, interlinkages between MEAs,
both at global and regional levels; WTO and sustainable
development in developing countries, relationship with the WTO and the
multilateral environmental agreements, WTO and investment in
developing countries, and impacts of WTO accession on sustainable

*3. Science Policy for Sustainable Development* (This is a policy
oriented programme that involves research and human capacity building in
policy related    matters.  Current priorities of the Programme include:
Issues related to technology transfer under Multilateral Environmental
Agreements, biotechnology development and transfer with main
focus on developing countries, application of science and technology for
achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and     improving the
effectiveness of science and technology advice in policy formulation).

*4. Urban Ecosystems* (Application of the ecosystem approach to the
study and management of cities.  Current priorities include exploring
the drivers of urban environmental and ecosystem change, urban
metabolism and other ecosystem approaches to understanding cities.  The
programme is also exploring the relevance and effectiveness of
ecosystem approach influenced policies as they are applied to urban

*5. Education for Sustainable Development* (Case Studies of
Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) on education for sustainable
development around the globe.   An RCE is a group of organisations who
deliver education for sustainable development to a local community.
Research will document how an RCE translates and    articulates a global
vision of education for sustainable development into the context of the
local community in which it operates, thereby critically examining
whether an RCE can serve as a mechanism to promote locally relevant
and culturally appropriate education for sustainable
development.  The programme also deals with questions of education
for sustainable development curriculum development and reorientation).

*Stipend:* The Fellowship provides a monthly stipend of JPY260,000 from
which a monthly usage charge for accommodation is deducted.  A 
one-time only instalment of JPY80,000 will be granted to each
fellow at the commencement of the programme for adjustment expenses and
incidental costs.

*Accommodation: * PhD Fellows will be provided accommodations by 
UNU-IAS, located in Yokohama City, 30 minutes from the Institute.  
The accommodations are fully furnished and include kitchen and
bathroom facilities.  Usage charges other than utilities (electricity,
water, gas, telephone, etc) are as follows:

Single Room Apartment (for one person)   JPY80,000 or more 
per month

Twin Room Apartment (for couples)  JPY130,000 or more per

*Number of Awards: * The Fellowship Programme targets 5 PhD 
candidates from educational institutions around the world who can 
benefit from a period of stay of up to 10 months at UNU-IAS facilities 
in Yokohama.

*Application Procedure: An application form must be completed.* Application
forms, Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines can be accessed at the UNU-IAS 
website at www.ias.unu.edu/fellowships/apply.cfm

In addition to the application form, the following documents in English or
with English translation
must be submitted:

1.      Certified copies of Academic Transcripts
2.      Detailed PhD Research Proposal and Chapter Outline (an early
chapter, if available, may also be submitted)
3.      Two Publication samples (if unavailable, please send two
chapters from your dissertation)
4.      Two ORIGINAL supporting letters of reference (please ensure the
letters signed by referees)
5.      Evidence of English language proficiency (only required if PhD
dissertation is not to be submitted in English) eg: TOEFL Score, Certificate
of Proficiency

*Completed Applications should be sent to:*

*PhD Fellowship Programme*
*United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies* *6F,
International Organisations Centre*
*1 - 1 - 1 Minato Mirai*
*Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-8502 Japan*

*Email:  fellowships at ias.unu.edu *

*United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies PhD Fellowship
Programme 2005*

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