[URBANTH-L] CFP: Children, Youth, and their Education in a Globalizing India

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon May 30 15:15:33 EDT 2005

CFP: Children, Youth, and their Education in a Globalizing India
The Centre for Postcolonial Education, Varanasi, 22nd-24th December 2005.

Recent interest in children, youth, and education highlights how much more
is needed as dialogue between the various conventional subject areas that
include these foci-such as religion, caste, and nationalism-and the newer
perspective of globalization as constituted by the local. This conference
purports to be a site of dialogue for completed and in-progress work on any
aspect of interaction between the so-called "local" and the so-called
"global" with particular reference to children and youth. The conference
builds on a broad definition of education as inclusive of institutional
processes, and also as the learning that takes place in other sites. These
sites include, but are not exhausted by, the home, the neighbourhood, the
town or village, language, media, apprenticeship, parenting, social
conflict, and discourses of history, the self, and the state. The conference
will be divided into sub-themes, which will be finalized upon receipt of
proposals. Papers will be grouped into both thematic panels and according to
inter-disciplinary articulation.

The Centre for Postcolonial Education, located at N 1/70 Nagwa, Varanasi, is
a Humanities and Social Sciences research center that is presently headed by
Dr Nita Kumar. Submissions for papers are invited for the present
conference. Please send an abstract of 250 words to the address below by
15th June 2005 on a related topic of your choice. We will select up to
fifteen of the most appropriate papers for presentation, and invite others
to participate in discussion and eventual publication. The Centre can pay
within-India travel costs to the chosen participants, and in-Varanasi
hospitality will be extended to all participants. Please send submissions
to: Rohit Setty, Conference Organizer, Email: settyrb at umich.edu

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