[URBANTH-L]List of East Asian anthropology papers at AAA 2005

Priscilla Song priscillasong at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 30 06:44:49 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

The Executive Board of the Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA) has
put together a list of papers related to East Asian anthropology issues at
the 2005 American Anthropological Association Meetings in DC (November 30 to
December 4, 2005). We hope that this list will help facilitate interaction
and collaboration among anthropologists working on East Asian anthropology

You can access the EA @ AAA2005 list in both Excel and PDF file formats at
the following website:


We have tried to include as many papers as possible. We apologize if we
inadvertently missed your paper. We will continue to update the list after
the 2005 Meetings to create as comprehensive of a record as possible, so
please email me (psong at fas.harvard.edu) if you would like to include or
update your information.

Thanks very much for your help in putting together this list.  I'm looking
forward to seeing many of you in DC this week!

Best regards,

Priscilla Song
(psong at fas.harvard.edu)

SEAA Graduate Student Councilor
Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard Department of Anthropology
Visiting Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Subject: SEAA Events at AAA

Dear Colleagues, 
	This week I'll look forward to seeing everyone at the AAA in
Washington D.C. Priscilla Song will soon be circulating a list with an
impressive number of papers on East Asian related issues that are on the
program this year (more than 100!).

Don't forget to come to our two big SEAA Events at the AAA:

Business Meeting and Cash Bar Reception, Saturday evening
The general Business Meeting and Cash Bar Reception is open to everyone and
is an important site for you to meet with and celebrate with other SEAA
members. Join us Saturday December 3 from 6:15 pm. in the McKinley Room,
where we will toast the recipients of the Francis Hsu Book Prize, the Plath
Media Award and the Bestor Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper.
Come learn more about our SEAA Conference in Hong Kong, "East Asian
Anthropology/Anthropology in East Asia," 13-16 July 2006 at The Chinese
University of Hong Kong. 

Digital Materials Training Session, Thursday evening
	Mark your calendars for the Digital Materials Training Session, an
electronic resource training workshop led by two experienced and dedicated
East Asian librarians, Eiichi Ito and Yuan Zeng. Training will be given on
how to access online databases and library holdings of Chinese, Japanese and
Korean materials. Attendance is free and open to members of SEAA. Please
join us on Thursday December 1, 6:15:00pm to 7:30:00pm in the Taft Room. 


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