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Sun Oct 9 01:10:22 EDT 2005

The FCD Young Scholars Program (YSP) provides approximately four fellowships
of up to $150,000 each over a maximum period of three-years to study issues
affecting the development of young immigrant children in the United States.

YSP aims to stimulate basic and policy-relevant research focused on the
early education, health and well-being of immigrant children from birth to
age 10, particularly those who are living in low-income families. Given the
limited research on young immigrant children, proposals focused on children
from birth to age eight are highly encouraged. YSP supports the career
development of young investigators - from the behavioral and social sciences
or in an allied professional field - to attain tenure or who have received
tenure in the last four years from a college or university in the United

Immigrant children are defined as those having at least one parent who was
not born in the United States. These children can be foreign-born and/or
United States citizens. Although the newcomer experiences of children from
Puerto Rico and the territories of the United States are of interest, the
New American Children Program and the FCD Young Scholars Program focus
primarily on immigrant children, particularly those who are living in
low-income families.

FCD is particularly interested in research that can inform policies
regarding the health and education needs of young newcomer children.
Proposals may include research designs for an empirical study, pilot work
for a larger scale research project that will seek funding from other public
and private funders, or analysis of data previously collected.

Research areas of interest are limited to the following:

Factors (e.g., individual, familial, cultural, neighborhood) contributing to
both positive and negative outcomes for young immigrant children in their
communities and schools.

Individual and group identity formation among young children from a variety
of groups living in different environments.

The experiences of newcomer children in early education, kindergarten, and
elementary school programs. What characteristics of these programs foster
the cognitive, social, and emotional well-being of newcomer children?

Language development among immigrant children. What are the influences of
different approaches to instruction for English language learners during the
early education and elementary school years on educational achievement?

Evaluation of the impact of public policies in health and in education that
affect the life prospects of newcomer children. What is the impact of
policies and practices in health care delivery on child health outcomes?


Scholars must have earned their Ph.D. within the last 15 years prior to June
30, 2005 (seven years from completion of residency for M.D.s). Applicants
must hold a Ph.D. or its equivalent in one of the behavioral and social
sciences or in an allied professional field (e.g., public policy, public
health, education, social work, nursing, medicine).

Applicants may either:

Not have received tenure and hold a full-time, tenure-track faculty position
at an American college or university located in the United States. Please
note tenure equivalent positions are not eligible for the fellowship.

Have received tenure within the past four years at the time of application
and hold a full-time faculty position at an American college or university
located in the United States. In the event that an applicant is being
reviewed for tenure at the time of application to the FCD Young Scholars
Program and is selected to receive the fellowship, evidence that tenure has
been granted must be provided by the college or university to the Foundation
for Child Development before the grant can be made.

Applicants must be United States citizens, permanent residents, or
international scholars who are affiliated with an American academic
institution during the duration of the award. Special consideration will be
given to candidates who are more junior in their careers. Candidates from di
verse backgrounds (e.g., ethnicity, discipline) are encouraged to apply.
The award is intended to support the individual career development of the
recipient. Proposed research that is structured to include co-principal
investigators is ineligible.


Completed proposals must be received in FCD's office on or before Tuesday,
November 1, 2005. The deadline is firm. No email or fax submissions will be
accepted. The review process for the FCD Young Scholars Program is separate
from the review process for FCD. A letter of inquiry is not necessary. FCD
Young Scholars Program proposals must follow the 2006 FCD
Young Scholars Proposal and Budget Format document.

Please mail your proposal package to:

Foundation for Child Development
Changing Faces of America's Children -
Young Scholars Program
145 East 32nd Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10016

For further information visit the Foundation for Child Development's webpage
at: http://www.fcd-us.org/ourwork/y-how.html

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