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Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 18:21:21 +0200
From: Yuri Kazepov <yuri.kazepov at uniurb.it>
Subject: Fellowships available for Eurex

Dear Colleagues (sorry for cross-posting),

We are looking for brilliant and highly motivated early PhDs in Urban
Studies or related disciplines for the Eurex international online seminar.

A set of 30 Fellowships will be available to cover the costs of attending
the EUREX  International online seminar within the frame of the RTN
Urban Europe programme.

The new syllabus gathers together well known scholars and is available
online at the  following address:

The direct link for the call can be found at the following address:

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate in asking me or
Dott.ssa Erica  Barbiani (e.barbiani at uniurb.it). Looking forward for
the applications of your collaborators I send you my warmest  regards

Yuri Kazepov

p.s. for info on RTN www.urban-europe.net

Prof. Yuri Kazepov
Institute of Sociology
Deputy Head
University of Urbino
Via A. Saffi, 15
61029 Urbino (PU)
E-Mail: yuri.kazepov at uniurb.it


UrbEUROPE is a research and training network. It has the ambition to develop
a meta-project, aimed at linking the outputs of recent and/or ongoing
research in different disciplines involving the urban dimension of Europe.
The flourishing of research projects and networks carrying out empirical
fieldwork on European cities signals the recognition of the crucial
character of this dimension, even though, little effort has been devoted in
building a solid interdisciplinary knowledge basis integrated with a highly
structured training programme. Filling this gap is our main objective.
The establishment of this link will be organised around three main areas of
-The analysis of how global changes and local impacts are conceptualised in
theories and through which methods they are investigated;
-The analysis of how changes impacted on the built environment
(gentrification, sub-urbanization and segregation);
-The analysis of how the changes impacted on the role of local social
policies and governance.
-The investigation of these three areas - highly interrelated one another -
has the main goal of attaining a better understanding of the tension between
identity and change in European Cities (the local-global link), of the
existing  differences and of the directions of change (the
convergence-divergence hypothesis). Each area of investigation, however, has
specific objectives.

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