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The winter institute Introduction to the Netherlands

The winter institute Introduction to the Netherlands: Art, Language, Culture
and the European Union at the International School for Humanities and Social
Sciences in Amsterdam is a two-week winter programme, which seeks to explore
the topical features of Dutch culture and society. The seminar will take
place in Amsterdam from January 9th – 20th, 2006.  Classes are from Monday
through Thursday. All classes are in English.

This programme serves as an introduction for students who have an
interest in Dutch language, culture, politics and art. We hope to unravel
mysteries behind the social and political climate that is unique to the
evidenced by the liberal stances towards many social issues in Dutch
We will consider the reasoning behind such social policies as legalized
and drug laws; discuss trends in Dutch immigration, multiculturalism and
and then examine how these issues are reflected in policy. These themes will
illuminated through lectures, meetings, and discussions with renowned Dutch
academics, and coordinated site visits.

In addition, we will look at the European Union through the eyes of the
the issues concerning European unification, how European identity is formed
expressed, the economic, social and political consequences of unification
and what
the future may hold for European nationals.

Certificate and Credits: Students who wish to earn credits receive upon
successful completion of the programme an official transcript stating the
courses taken, credits earned and grades obtained. The Programme is the
equivalent of a 3 European Credits (or 1.5 American credits.)

Tuition: The regular tuition is € 1600. The tuition for students who wish to
receive course credit is € 1900.
Application and Information: You can download the application form from the
website: Application deadline is December 1, 2005

Summer Institute
Prins Hendrikkade 189-B
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 525 3776
Fax: +31 20 525 3778
Email: summerinstitute-ishss at uva.nl

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