[URBANTH-L]In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (responses)

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Sep 7 00:18:53 EDT 2005

From: Kris Olds <olds at geography.wisc.edu>

Interesting comments...

On the local media, and lessons from other disasters, see Eric
Klinenberg's brief article in Slate...



From: Judith Whitehead <whitja01 at uleth.ca>

I didn't mention the heroic individual efforts that Mumbaikers made during
and after the July 26th flood....given the ethnocentric reporting on the
New Orleans' situation, in which people getting necessary food and water
from stores has been reported as 'looting', it made the comparison much
more awkward.  We have not heard much about people helping each other in
New Orleans, perhaps this is a cultural difference that reflects NOrth
AMerican individualism, or the racism of mainstream media, but the way
that people pulled together in Mumbai was unforgettable.  Air India
colony, close to the Kalina campus, rescued 250 people stranded on buses;
hotels in Bandra took in stranded passengers, slumdwellers brought out
biscuits and tea for stranded commuters, etc. etc. etc.

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