[URBANTH-L]CFP: On the Subject of Emergence

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Tue Aug 1 10:18:42 EDT 2006

CFP: "On the Subject of Emergence" 
Deadline: 9/25/2006

Papers are sought for the inaugural volume of a new peer-reviewed 
journal, “After Culture: Emergent Anthropologies.” The first issue is 
planned for release in January 2007, and thereafter will be published 
semiannually (in January and July) and made available free through the 
internet (URL forthcoming). 

We are currently seeking article manuscripts for the first themed 
issue, “On the Subject of Emergence.” “Emergence” as a concept – along 
with its cognates – has recently become of increased interest to social 
scientists. How does “emergence” (or “complexity”) differ from 
preceding paradigms of social scientific theorizing? How does taking 
such concepts seriously destabilize and reconfigure the social 
sciences? How do such concepts alter extant theoretical and 
methodological approaches? Contributors are encouraged to employ any 
form of rigorous theoretical and methodological approach, not limited 
to ethnography, historiography and textual analysis, in pursuit of 
these themes and problematics. 

Manuscripts should range between 8,000-10,000 words in length, be 
paginated, and bear the title and author’s name and affiliation on a 
cover page. Please also include a 200-250 word abstract, a list of 
keywords, and word count on the first page of the manuscript. 
Manuscripts should be received no later than September 25th, 2006. 

In addition to research articles and book reviews, we would like to 
include within our first volume short essays in response to the title 
of the journal. For example, what might it mean to live “after 
culture,” or to produce academic work without culture as an explanatory 
tool? Or, how is culture still relevant? Alternatively, responses to 
ideas of “emergence” and “anthropology” in its broadest sense are also 
welcome. These essays should range between 3,000-5,000 words. 

All submissions may be sent to after.culture at gmail.com. For the 
purposes of citation, please employ AAA citation practices, which are 
available at http://www.aaanet.org/pubs/style_guide.htm. 

Send all inquiries to Matthew Wolf-Meyer, Managing Editor, at 
after.culture at gmail.com.
Further information can be found at 

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