[URBANTH-L]ANN: SAR Global Indigenous Politics Book Series

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sun Aug 27 23:21:15 EDT 2006

SAR Press launches Global Indigenous Politics book series

SAR Press announces the launch of a new book series, Global Indigenous 
Politics. This series opens a forum for the best and most challenging work 
on the politics of indigenous peoples around the world, past and present. We 
welcome proposals for books that shed new light on the political struggles 
of indigenous peoples and compel us to rethink the implications of tribal 
autonomy or sovereignty for nation-states and transnational organizing, 
notions of cultural and biological property, and the very nature of politics 
and indigeneity. Scholarship in interdisciplinary fields centered on 
indigenous peoples, anthropology, history, sociology, law, art history, and 
related fields will be considered. The series will include both monographs 
and edited volumes.

Manuscript submission guidelines:  We will accept proposals in English or 
Spanish. We regret we cannot accept proposals in other languages. The 
language of the series is English, and authors or editors proposing works 
requiring translation into English must assist in raising funds for that 

Book proposals should include the following:

A brief prospectus describing the work, the expected length of the 
manuscript, the number of illustrations desired, and the projected schedule 
for completion;
A table of contents;
The introduction or a sample chapter;
The author's or editor's curriculum vitae.

Do not send complete manuscripts unless invited to do so by the Press. Send 
proposals to:

Catherine Cocks, Ph.D.
Co-Director and Executive Editor
SAR Press, P.O. Box 2188
Santa Fe, NM 87504-2188
Tel. 505-954-7261
Fax 505-954-7241
catherinec at sarsf.org

To see an online catalog of SAR Press publications, go to: 

About SAR:  An independent, not-for-profit organization based in Santa Fe, 
New Mexico, USA, the School of American Research provides a dynamic 
environment for the advanced study and communication of knowledge about 
human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression. SAR draws upon 
its century-deep roots in the American Southwest, anthropology, and 
indigenous arts to present programs, publications, and initiatives that 
impart the learning of social scientists, humanists, and artists to inform 
the thoughts and actions of scholars, artists, educators, and the interested 
public. For more information about our advanced seminar program, residential 
fellowships for scholars and indigenous artists, and Indian Arts Research 
Center, see www.sarweb.org.

Catherine Cocks, Ph.D.
Co-Director and Executive Editor
SAR Press, P.O. Box 2188
Santa Fe, NM 87504-2188
Tel. 505-954-7261 Fax 505-954-7241
Email: catherinec at sarsf.org 

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