[URBANTH-L] LASA 2007 - Call for Abstracts on Ethnography, Citizenship, Cities, and the "New" South America

Ryan Centner rcentner at berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 31 13:53:09 EDT 2006

Dear colleagues,
Please see below our call for abstracts of papers to present at the 
Latin American Studies Association meetings in Montreal, scheduled for 
September 2007 (next year).
We are assembling a panel of social researchers from across disciplines 
and sites of analysis in South America. We are especially seeking papers 
that pertain to Bolivia, Uruguay, and Chile, but will consider 
submissions on anywhere in South America.

Submit an abstract for any pertinent research, by email, to 
rcentner at berkeley.edu NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 5.
For those of you in the US, yes, that is the day after Labor Day. We 
apologize for the short turnaround time, but this has come together as 
we ourselves have returned from summer fieldwork, and we must submit our 
proposal for the full panel to LASA by September 8.



"Ethnographic Perspectives on Citizenship and Urban Change in the 'New' 
South America"

This panel explores the implications of the "left turn" in South
American national politics, but does so with an urban-ethnographic lens.
Ethnography reaches beyond the discourse and images of national leaders
to the details of mundane life where it is possible to dissect the
imaginative, nuanced, and contradictory localizations of these new
regimes. Our emphasis on cities highlights the interwoven processes that
render people and places as both objects and subjects of politics.
Moreover, citizenship is an important focus as a key but contested term
in new left discourses, offering analytic leverage for seeing how
inclusion and exclusion operate in practice within this emerging politics.

Organizers: Ryan Centner and Carmen Rojas, University of California, 
Discussant: Javier Auyero, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Submit to: rcentner at berkeley.edu
Deadline: September 5, 2006

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