[URBANTH-L]Finnish e-Journal of Ethnicity and Migration, first issue

Tuomas Martikainen tuomas.martikainen at abo.fi
Wed Dec 20 11:32:18 EST 2006

The first issue of the FJEM is out!

The Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (FJEM) is a 
scholarly and professional journal, published by the Society 
for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International 
Migration (ETMU). It aims to promote and advance the 
circulation of the multidisciplinary study of ethnic 
relations and international migration that is conducted in 
Finland and its neighbourhood, especially the other Nordic 
countries. The Journal is trilingual (English, Finnish, 
Swedish) and published twice a year.

The first Issue of FJEM can be downloaded by clicking the 
link below

***  http://www.etmu.fi/FJEM_1_2006.pdf *** (ca. 550 kb))

Contents of the First Issue of FJEM

- Editorial - Matti Similä, Editor-in-Chief (2 pages)

- The Political Organization of Cultural Difference
Sjaak Koenis and Pasi Saukkonen (11 pages)

- Towards Workplace and Service Equality in Finland
Aulikki Sippola and Sari Hammar-Suutari (11 pages)

- Citizenship Education for an Age of Population Mobility 
and Glocally Interconnected Destinies
Peter H. Koehn and Phyllis Bo-yuen Ngai (8 pages)

- Etnisyys liikkeessä – Maahanmuuttajien yhdistysten 
liikuntatoiminnan etniskulttuuriset diskurssit
Miikka Pyykkönen (11 pages)

ETMU edits the journal in collaboration with CEREN (Swedish 
School of Social Science, University of Helsinki), Institute 
of Migration (Turku) and Population Research 
Institute/Väestöliitto (Helsinki). The publisher of the 
journal is ETMU. The journal is refereed in order to 
guarantee a high academic standard. The opinions expressed 
in FJEM articles are those of the authors and do not 
necessarily reflect the views of ETMU.

The Editor-in-Chief is Matti Similä (CEREN) and the 
Assistant Editor-in-Chief is Krister Björklund (Institute of 
Migration). Other members of the board are Elli Heikkilä 
(Institute of Migration), Mikko Lagerspetz (Åbo Akademi), 
Yngve Lithman (University of Bergen), Tuomas Martikainen 
(Åbo Akademi), Sari Pietikäinen (University of Jyväskylä), 
Vesa Puuronen (University of Kuopio), Teppo Sintonen 
(University of Jyväskylä), Ismo Söderling (Population 
Research Institute/Väestöliitto), Marja Tiilikainen 
(University of Helsinki) and Charles Westin 
(CEIFO/University of Stockholm).

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