[URBANTH-L]BOOK: Discourses and Silences: Indigenous Peoples, Risks and Resistance, ed. by Garth Cant

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Resisting encroachment and re-establishing identity
The Alta case: national and international consequences (Henry Minde, 
Norway); Sámi reindeer management (Jan Åge Riseth, Norway); Paradigm 
shifts in Southern Sámi research (Åke Jünge, Norway); Globalisation from 
below: the revitalisation of a Coastal Sámi community (Torill Nyseth and 
Paul Pedersen, Norway).

Traditional identities and contemporary perspectives
Formalising Sámi land rights in Norway (Erling Berge), Sámi, citizenship 
and non-recognition in the EU (Rebecca Lawrence, Sweden); Hawaiian 
connection to the land (Katrina Oliveira, Hawai‘i).

First Nations, parks and conservation
Conservation and Indigenous rights in Australia and Sweden ( Michael 
Adams, Australia); Laponia II: Lapland‘s World Heritage Site? (Kristina 
Lasko, Sweden); Building wilderness: Te Urewera National Park (Chris 
Castagna, Hawai‘i); Ngāi Tahu involvement in Coastal Management of 
Akaroa Harbour (Sarah Hemmingsen, Australia).

Shifting sands, shifting policies: Crown and Māori in New Zealand
Policy development in modern Aotearoa New Zealand (Anake Goodall); Ngāi 
Tahu in a contested post-colonial New Zealand (Garth Cant); 21st Century 
Crown confiscations: the Foreshore and Seabed Act (Angeline Greensill); 
Thinking globally, acting locally: international human rights and double 
standards? (Justine Inns).

Sustaining resilient communities: Asian experiences
Korean farmers building community networks (Cheong Ji Woong and Cheong 
Chija Kim); Participation in environmental management in Vietnam (Binh 
Vu Trong, Viet Nam) Fujian culture in Okinawa (Akiyoshi Takahashi and Li 
Guoqing); Hmong Gardeners cultivating knowledge, land and culture (Kathy 
De Master, Wisconsin).

Community actions and educational initiatives
Rural Aboriginal men and participatory action research (Yarrabah Men’s 
Health Group, Australia); Representations of Aboriginal people in 
Australian schools (Pat Cavanagh); Teaching Indigenous studies at the 
University of Tromsø (Per Klemetsen Hætta and Else Grete Broderstad, 

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