[URBANTH-L]JOB: UC San Francisco, Anthropology, Ethnographer

Benito Vergara bvergara at sfsu.edu
Thu Feb 16 20:40:59 EST 2006

Ethnographer, Department of Anthropology, History, & Social Medicine,
University of California-San Francisco

San Jose/ San Francisco

1-2 years

We are looking for an ethnographer and analyst to join a small research 
team investigating oral health disparities for Latino children. The 
grant, "Hispanic Oral Health: A Rural and Urban Ethnography," is the 
first community-based ethnography of both the oral health safety net as 
well as parents' beliefs and behaviors regarding children's oral health. 
The team member will be required to conduct the ethnography in the urban 
location, San José, as well as to participate in the analysis and 
write-up of significant publications. Ethnographic responsibilities will 
include helping to select and map the community, identifying and 
interviewing key health personnel, observing oral helath care practices 
in various settings, and conducting interviews with Latino parents about 
their children's oral health.

Desired Qualities:
Independence, prior ethnographic research experience, bilingual ability 
in Spanish, experience working with Latinos, excellent research and 
writing skills

MA or Ph.D. in Anthropology or a related social science

Judith Barker, UCSF (BarkerJ at dahsm.ucsf.edu)

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