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Tue Feb 28 20:52:13 EST 2006

Apologies for the cross-posting:
I know this is not the type of post I usually see on these lists, but I 
thought some folks here might find it interesting. In Hour Two (11 a.m. EST) 
of the Wednesday (March 1) broadcast of "Radio Times" on WHYY-FM in 
Philadelphia (the National Public Radio outlet), there will be a discussion 
of the new Brookings Institution report on the "first suburbs." Here is the 
writeup from the show's Web site:
<One fifth of all Americans live in "older suburbs," which are being 
challenged by an aging and immigrant population. According to a new 
Brookings Institution report, these changing demographics are creating a 
potential crisis for the country's first suburban communities. BRUCE KATZ 
from Brookings joins us to talk about it.>
This is a call-in show; in addition to an over-the-air broadcast at 90.9 FM, 
the station airs over the Web at www.whyy.org and on either XM or Sirius 
satellite radio, and also offers podcasts.
FYI, the report they will discuss is available here:
Deborah Woodell
Adjunct Professor
Rowan University
Glassboro, N.J.

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