[URBANTH-L] Call for Submissions: Urban Sustainability through Environmental Design

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Thu Jan 12 21:42:19 EST 2006

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A new book on urban analysis for sustainable urban design is under 

Sergio Porta, Ombretta Romice and Kevin Thwaites will be the 
editors of a book whose draft title is: Urban Sustainability through 
Environmental Design: analytical approaches and tools for making 
our cities more safe, diverse and socially cohesive by means of 
responsive spatial design  

The manuscript is expected to be delivered to the publisher (Spon 
 Press) by the end of 2006.  The book will be about TOOLS of 
urban ANALYSIS for sustainable urban design. 

So, sustainable urban design offers the context for the presentation 
of cutting edge research and practice in related urban analysis from 
 all over the world. We are looking for methodologies (especially 
GIS based methodologies) specifically thought for operating in the 
context of urban design processes or policies or projects. Thus, 
issues like pedestrian and vehicle flows management and modeling, 
centrality assessment and structural analysis, visual and experiential 
analysis, economic assessment of transit oriented developments, 
social behaviors in public space evaluation, community participation 
techniques (and the like .) are of interest for the book. 

 We deliberately leave the theoretical definition of sustainable urban 
design a bit on the background at this stage, as we would like the 
book to be somehow the witness of it as it emerges from the survey 
of the state of the art of related urban analysis tools, which are the 
real focus of the book. 
 The contributions of scientists in the many field related to the issue 
who have authored cutting edge research and practice are going to 
be the substantive section of the book. 

 So this is an invitation for all the EDRA members to consider this 
 as an opportunity to contribute a paper on their own research or 
experience as well as to diffuse this invitation to other potential 
 Please interested people contact Sergio Porta at: 
 sergio.porta at polimi.it 

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