[URBANTH-L]reparations session at 2006 AAA

Barbara Rose Johnston bjohnston at igc.org
Mon Jan 23 17:38:37 EST 2006

Dear SUNTA members,

I am writing to see if there is any interest in participating in a 
reparations session being organized by the Committee for Human 
Rights.    I paste the session announcement below. Please contact me 
if you have any questions, etc...

yours truly,


Barbara Rose Johnston
Senior Research Fellow
Center for Political Ecology
PO Box 8467 Santa Cruz, CA 95061
831-335-1769 h/o
bjohnston at igc.org

Call for papers for a panel on Reparations that will be open to the 
public at AAA 2006 meetings in San Jose, California. 
Reparation is a concept that evolved as a means for nations to 
acknowledge serious violations of the laws of war and make amends. 
Today the term is used to secure remedy for an array of violations 
that occur under the guise of nationalism, militarism, and economic 
development  and include genocide, torture, slavery, and other crimes 
against humanity.   As acknowledged by the United Nations in adopting 
the Guidelines on Reparation and the Right to Remedy, reparation 
involves a variety of remedial actions that include restitution, 
compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction, and guarantees of 
non-repetition. The proposed panel considers the anthropological 
contribution to the concept and implementation of reparation. 
Specifically we seek papers that explore the strategies, approaches, 
and efforts to facilitate the identification and implementation of 
meaningful remedy and clearly articulate our profession's critical 
contributions in efforts to secure meaningful redress. We are 
especially encouraging papers that address (1) reparations and the 
current array of abuses incurred by US military actions in the middle 
east; (2) efforts to secure remedy for historical cases of genocide, 
slavery, and other crimes against humanity, including forensic 
analysis, expert witness reports, and other evidentiary-based 
contributions; (3) essays that explore the sociocultural meaning and 
political impact of truth commissions and other mechanisms that 
attempt reconciliation with abusive past; and, (4) contributions that 
critically examine the human rights context and ethical concerns 
associated with the anthropology/reparations intersect, including 
risks to human rights victims and defenders.

Send paper proposals ASAP to Susan Slyomovics <ssly at mit.edu> or 
Barbara Rose Johnston <bjohnston at igc.org>.

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