[URBANTH-L] CFP: The Sixth International Ecocity Conference: From Theory and Planning to Development (India)

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The Sixth International Ecocity Conference
"From Theory and Planning to Development-
Transforming a City into an Ecocity"
August 5 - 12, 2006, Bangalore, India

As part of the International Convention of the Cities of the Future

The Sixth International Ecocity Conference follows five pioneering
conferences, the first held in Berkeley, USA (1990); Adelaide, Australia
(1992); Yoff/Dakar, Senegal (1996), Curitiba, Brazil (2000) and Shenzhen,
China (2002).

The Conference Series brings together the world's best and brightest in the
emerging field of ecological urban planning, design and development.

Topics to be addressed include: whole systems ecological city planning and
implementation, best practices and case studies from around the world,
sustainable transportation and healthy non car dependent living, global
warming abatement through ecocity development, energy issues including peak
oil and gas, re-localization of economies, ecological design of buildings
and integrated building programs, urban villages and eco-villages,
bioregional planning, urban agriculture, local food, edible landscaping,
delivery of goods and services, healthy watersheds, waste water, rainwater,
solid waste, zero waste, flood and disaster prevention through ecological
design, cultural sensitivity and celebration through ecocities, reclaiming
agricultural land and open space from sprawl, equity and fair trade, healthy
lifestyles, community, identity, safety, quality of life for both people and

Who should attend: Mayors, city managers, planners, architects, developers,
designers, environmental specialists, social justice activists and
organizers, permaculture practitioners, farmers, gardeners, teachers,
students, businesses, corporations, non profit organizations,
environmentalists, writers, wilderness advocates, bioengineers,
transportation planners, bicycle advocates, waste treatment specialists,
ecologists, regional planners, water specialists, community organizers, and
anyone wanting to learn more about the healthy city of the future: the

Additional Information/Registration Details
Normal Participant - USD 250
Student - USD 125
Author - USD 187.5

The registration fee includes conference fees, meals and Bangalore excursion
arranged during the conference.

Note: (a) Authors are eligible for special discount (25%). (b) Delegations
with 6 members & above are eligible for special discount (25%). (c) Authors
/ Delegates are allowed only one of the above 2 discounts (whichever
higher). For more information, visit:

Conference Website:

TCI Travel Corporation, India's premier destination and event management
organization, is developing a webpage with Project Agastya, the host
organization, for conference registration, accommodations, transportation
and sight seeing.

About the Host Organization, Project Agastya
Project Agastya, an initiative of the 25/Bangalore Foundation, is a unique
experiment in Bangalore - a Citizens' voluntary initiative with active
support, co-operation & participation of the Central & Karnataka
Governments, the industry, Educational & Research Organisations, NGOs,
Residential Associations, Community Based Organisations, facilitators,
experts, etc., for transforming Bangalore into a Sustainable eco-city by

Led by prominent citizens of Bangalore such as Justice M N Venkatachalaiah
(Rtd.), President, The 25/Bangalore Foundation [Former Chief Justice of
India], Dr. A Ravindra, IAS (Rtd.), Chairman of the Steering Committee
[Former Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka], etc., The
25/Bangalore Foundation and Project Agastya seeks to enhance the quality of
life in Bangalore by transforming Bangalore into an Sustainable eco-City
within a time frame, through efficient participation of Government, various
stakeholders and NGOs, and deployment of Environmentally Sound Technologies.

Project Agastya has done pioneering work in several of its initiatives such
as Urban Water Resources Management (incl. Water Conservation, Stakeholder
participation, Pollution control, Rain Water Conservation, etc.), Integrated
(Solid) Waste Management, E-Waste Management, Eco-Tourism, Urban
planning/Eco-cities, and Integrated & Sustainable Energy Management.

Ecocity 6 Chief Organizer

Rajeev Kumar
Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer,
Project Agastya
E-Mail : ecocity6 at gmail.com
Mobile : (+91) 98861 94776/98801 07467

Local Secretariat in the Americas
Ecocity Builders
PO Box 697
Oakland, CA, 94604
Contact: Kirstin Miller
kirstin at ecocitybuilders.org

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