[URBANTH-L]Update on SUNTA at Tampa

David W. Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu
Thu Jul 6 09:12:20 EDT 2006

To all:

The following is an updated working list of likely sessions for 
SUNTA's meeting
with SfAA next spring in Tampa. You are not in any way restricted to 
this list--
but it may help spur some thinking.

Note especially:

For participation in a general poster session (students encouraged), contact:
         Jayne Howell jhowell at csulb.edu

For general refugee and migration interests, contact CORI's program chair:
         Nancy Burke nburke at cc.ucsf.edu

Information on the meeting is at the following web site. When you register or
submit panels and papers, there is a specific checkoff for SUNTA membership.
Note also that the theme is a congenial one for SUNTA members, so do
consider it as you develop your plans.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Working list of sessions:

  1.     Plenary (former SUNTA presidents on the section's past and future)
                 Van Kemper will organize

  2.     Principles of Disaster and Displacement
                 Art Hansen art.hansen at mindspring.com

  3.     Disaster/Displacement: Case Studies
                 Doreen Indra will probably organize

  4.     Homelessness
                 Jule Adkins DrJAdkins at aol.com

  5.     Role of Faith-Based NGO's
                 Also Julie Adkins DrJAdkins at aol.com

  6.     Gentrification
                 Sam Beck sbeck at med.cornell.edu

  7.     New Technology in Fieldwork (especially Visual Anthropology)
                 Matt Durington mdurington at towson.edu

  8.     Anthropology, Urban Planning, and Sustainable Cities
Alison M Meadow ffamm1 at uaf.edu may be able to co-organize
  9.     Migration and Health
                 Anahi Viladrich aviladri at hunter.cuny.edu

10.     Securitization: Risk and Policy (Community Program Level)
                 Laura Davis davi0400 at umn.edu

11.     International Education: Study Abroad and Informed Tourism
                 Kimberly Jones kjones14 at elon.edu

12.     Urban Fieldwork (research and teaching aspects with undergraduates)
                 Ida Fadzillah ifadzill at mtsu.edu

13.     Disability
                 Lisa Greenman pazyamore at yahoo.com

14.     Multicultural/Intercultural Higher Education
                 Greg Tanaka Gtanaka2 at aol.com
                 David Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu

15.     Illegal Immigration
                 Heide Castaneda hcastane at email.arizona.edu

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