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Fri Jul 7 14:17:35 EDT 2006

[Ed. note: deadline is in 7 days, July 14.]

Great Asian Streets Symposium 2006

Great Asian Streets Symposium (GASS) 2006 will focus on the theme of =91R=
the City'. Asian cities have been rapidly transforming for the past few d=
GASS 2006 invites papers which address the theme of =91Reclaiming the Cit=
y' from
the following perspectives:

=95 Research, academic framework, and theoretical insights on reclaiming =
the city,
public spaces, urban streets, and urban infrastructure.
=95 Built projects, case studies, practical methodology on urban revitali=
=95 Works that focus on urban sustainability, where new sensitivities to =
design of public spaces contribute to a sustainable urban and social envi=
=95 Works that focus on urban planning/management perspectives, community=
activities and strategies, and other interdisciplinary issues.

Abstract Submission

Interested participants are invited to submit an abstract, not exceeding =
words. All abstracts and papers must be written and presented in English.=
will be subject to a process of blind peer review.

Important Dates

14 July 2006
Deadline for abstract submission

22 September 2006
Deadline for full paper submission

20 October 2006
Notification of acceptance of full paper

27 October 2006
End of early bird registration

6, 7, 8 December 2006
Date of Symposium
	Conference Secretary
4th Great Asian Streets Symposium, 2006
Department of Architecture
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore

Tel: 65 6516 5186
Fax: 65 6779 3078

Email: akicyp at nus.edu.sg
Visit the website at http://www.arch.nus.edu.sg/conferences/gass2006/inde=

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