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New Architecture and Urbanism Development of Indian Traditions

Organized by The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU) and The Nabha Foundation

12 - 15 January 2007, New Delhi, India

Papers are invited from architects, academics, practitioners, urbanists, those working in public agencies and the government, and people working within any aspect of Indian traditions and their development, on any aspect of the conference themes as outlined below.

The Conference
The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, is an active network of individuals and institutions dedicated to creation of humane and harmonious buildings & places which respect local traditions. This INTBAU conference aims to bring together strong voices from all corners of the country and the world, in an effort to retain and reinforce the belief in the strength and vitality of traditional building and urbanism in India, and for its promotion in the mainstream.

The setting up of an INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners (ICTP) for India is proposed during the conference.

Conference Themes

Thematic Area 1: New ways of looking at heritage
- Modernism and the problem of isolating heritage
- Heritage as a living & evolving process
- Heritage and environment - Physical, Social, Cultural and Economic
- Lessons for the future
- Continuity, Context and Construction.
- Heritage: Interlinks with Tourism (Heritage Management)
- Rural vs. Urban Heritage and its impact on New Architecture
- The New Framework for Heritage

Thematic Area 2: Sustainable Places, buildings and communities
- Relationship of Imported technology vis-à-vis traditional methods
     - Appropriateness of Local materials and response to climate
     - Is Tradition "Green"?
     - Is Tradition "Cost-Efficient"?
- Community Participation in Creation of People friendly places
- Revitalization of Traditional Inner City Areas
- Transformations occurring due to socio-economic pressures
- Tradition & Contextual Relevance for Education in Architecture & Urbanism

Thematic Area 3: Continuing Traditions in New Architecture & Urbanism
- Case Studies of Architecture and Urbanism which borrows from and builds on tradition including Utilization of traditional building concepts, technologies and crafts in New Architecture
     - Case Studies on Form Making
     - Case Studies on Place Making
     - Case Studies on Craft Making
     - Case Studies on Adaptive Reuse
     - Case Studies on Legislative Framework

Submission of abstracts
Online submission: http://www.intbau.org/indiantraditions.htm
Or Email at: contact at intbau.in MSWord attachments titled 'yourfamilyname_titleword.doc' in the following 3-page format:
- Name, contact details and institutional affiliation if applicable.
- Biographic statement - 80 words or less, including recent publications.
- Abstract - Paper title, relevant conference themes, keywords and abstract, in no more than 300 words

Schedule:  Last date of submission of abstracts: FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2006
Acceptance notification: latest by the last week of October'2006

The conference would be followed by an excursion to the Nabha Quila and a tour of the town, describing the Quila conservation strategy. Later, a discussion with the local community would culminate in the "INTBAU-Nabha" Declaration on Promotion of "Traditional Architecture and Urbanism" in India.

Further details
Deependra Prashad
Gen.Secretary, INTBAU India
New Delhi, India
Tel: +91-9868172388
email: deependra at intbau.in

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