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Dear Urbanth-L:

Dear H-Ethnic:

The University of California Press  is pleased to announce the new 
repackage of:

The Next Los Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City

<B>Robert Gottlieb </B>is Henry R. Luce Professor of Urban and 
Environmental Policy and Director of the Urban and Environmental 
Policy Institute at Occidental College. <B>Mark Vallianatos </B>is 
Research Coordinator at the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute 
at Occidental College. <B>Regina M. Freer </B>is Associate Professor 
of Politics at Occidental College. <B>Peter Dreier </B>is E. P. Clapp 
Distinguished Professor of Politics and Director of the Urban and 
Environmental Policy Program at Occidental College.


"An intelligent insider's account of the construction of the 
Progressive Los Angeles Network, or PLAN, and the emergence of a 
powerful labor-Latino bloc that provides progressive L.A. with much 
of its heart and soul.... A good starting point for any serious 
student of forward-looking municipal politics."-James Goodno, _San 
Francisco Chronicle _

While most historians, journalists, and filmmakers have focused on 
Los Angeles as a bastion of corporate greed, business boosterism, 
political corruption, cheap labor, exploited immigrants, and 
unregulated sprawl, _The Next Los Angeles _tells a different story: 
that of the reformers and radicals who have struggled for alternative 
visions of social and economic justice. In a new preface, the authors 
reflect on the gathering momentum of L.A.'s progressive movement, 
including the 2005 landslide victory of Antonio Villaraigosa as mayor.

Full information about the bookis available online: 

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