[URBANTH-L]RE: Are Cities the New Countries?

Angela Jancius acjancius at my.ysu.edu
Tue Jul 25 06:09:08 EDT 2006

[Replies to the BBC posting, "Are Cities the New Countries?"]

From:  "Wolfe, Alvin" <wolfe at cas.usf.edu>  

Those who are interested in the question raised by Finlo Rohrer in BBC 
News Magazine, "Are cities the new countries?" would find my 1980 
article "Multinational enterprise and urbanism 
<http://luna.cas.usf.edu/~wolfe/Wolfe1980.pdf> " of  interest.  In it, 
I argued, twenty-six years ago, that as the supranational system 
develops, states are weakened while cities (and private corporations) 
grow relatively stronger.  

The context of that work can better be appreciated by looking at where 
it fit in the rest of my work on the Supranational Network System. 

--Alvin Wolfe


From:  "John McCreery" <mccreery at gol.com>  

Interesting that you should post this. Over the last several 
years, Ruth and I (http://www.wordworks.jp/) have been 
translating advertising  for Mori Building, a construction company 
whose owner, billionaire Minoru Mori is covering large tracts of 
central Tokyo with Courbusier-style "Vertical Garden Cities" and sees 
the 21st century as an age of cosmopolitan super cities.

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