[URBANTH-L]CFP: Pacific Transnationalism (Melbourne, Australia)

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon Jul 31 09:32:21 EDT 2006

Pacific transnationalism: tracing ties to the homelands
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia 
November 20-22, 2006

The multiple ties between Pacific diasporic peoples and their homelands 
in the islands will be the focus of this international, 
multidisciplinary conference. For decades these ties have influenced 
the economic, socio-cultural and political dimensions of Islander 
communities at home and overseas. These ties are becoming increasingly 
complex, with the impact of new travel and communications technologies, 
globalisation, and moves towards regional integration.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for academics and 
community representatives to discuss a topic that has significant 
implications for the future viability of Pacific Island states. 

A key outcome of the conference will be a publication on Pacific 
Transnationalism and a linked website, which will provide an ongoing 
hub for discussion and resources relevant to this topic.

Some of the questions that will be addressed at the conference include:

-How have Pacific transnational practices changed over time? 
-What forms does Pacific transnationalism take?
-How do transnational ties impact on Pacific peoples living overseas? 
-How do transnational ties affect the relationship between the host 
nation and island governments? 
-To what extent are Pacific Islanders overseas involved in ‘long 
distance nationalism’? 
-What transnational ties will be maintained by the second and 
subsequent generations overseas? 
-How might the future of island nations be affected by changes in 
transnational ties? 
-How might increased regional integration impact on Pacific 
-How are ties across the diaspora impacting on ties with the home 
-How is Pacific transnationalism similar or different to 
transnationalism elsewhere? 

Presentations will be 30 minutes, with a further 15 minutes for 
discussion. Those interested in presenting a paper are invited to 
submit an abstract by August 31, 2006. Registration forms will be sent 
to all who express interest. See contact details below for further 
information and submission of abstracts:

Contact Information:
Helen Lee 
Sociology and Anthropology 
La Trobe University 
Melbourne Vic 3086 Australia 
Phone: 61-3-94791476 
Email: h.lee at latrobe.edu.au 

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