[URBANTH-L]TOC (correction): Ethnos, Volume 71, Number 2

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Thu Jun 8 13:09:28 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues,

Please forgive me for the re-posting. There was a missing article in the
previous posting of this table of contents.   - AJ

Ethnos,  Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group
Issue:   Volume 71, Number 2 / June 2006
The Anthropology of Unemployment


The anthropology of unemployment
pp. 141-142
Angela Jancius

Out of work and house and home: Contested youth in an english homeless
hostel                       pp. 143 - 163
Tom Hall

Unemployment and disposable workers in Philadelphia: Just how far have the
bastards gone?    pp. 165 - 190
Robert T. O'Brien

Gendering unemployment in postsocialist Germany: 'what I do is work, even if
it's not paid'      pp. 191 - 212
Elizabeth Rudd

Unemployment, deindustrialization, and 'community economy' in eastern 
Germany  pp. 213 - 232
Angela Jancius

We are not alone: Anthropology in a world of others
pp. 233 - 264
Fred Myers

Cultural contagion in a new key
pp. 265 - 272
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Book reviews
pp. 273 - 285

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