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* Graduate Education Scholarships in Human Rights for Women *

The Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS) program creates educational
opportunities for women around the world who are grassroots leaders,
organizers, and activists demonstrating financial need.  NLS invests in
women's leadership and leadership development by supporting non-doctoral
graduate education in human rights, sustainable development, and public

GOALS:  NLS supports study, research, and leadership training, to assist
women in their pursuit of solutions to the critical social, environmental,
health, and economic problems facing their countries and communities.  By
granting scholarships to remarkable women who demonstrate effective
leadership, innovative solutions, and commitment to their communities, NLS
helps develop and advance local expertise and community-based, culturally
appropriate solutions.  NLS endorses non-traditional leaders who are
modeling change and using imaginative methodologies.  Academic study,
research, and leadership training should be based on the scholarship
recipient's present or prior experience working with her community.

COURSE OF STUDY:  Scholarship recipients enroll in programs of study that
cover a range of human rights and development issues at the non-doctoral
graduate level including gender, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, child
exploitation, human and drug trafficking, infant and maternal mortality,
microbial diseases, conflict resolution, environmental justice, global fair
trade, agroecology, and sustainable development.  NLS is a secular program
and does not support programs of study that promote specific religious

SCHOLARSHIPS:  The NLS awards four to six scholarships annually, up to
US$25,000 per academic year for a maximum of two years.  The awards help the
recipients meet the costs of tuition, fees, books, educational supplies,
housing, maintenance, and travel to and from the home country and the
educational institution.  NLS awards are paid directly to the institution in
a student's account.  For women intending to study at U.S. universities, NLS
funding for expenses other than tuition and books is subject to a 14% U.S.

LOCATION OF STUDY:  Candidates may use NLS funding for non-doctoral graduate
study at accredited institutions worldwide.  The NLS is committed to
promoting the strengthening of research and of institutions of higher
learning in the Global South.  The NLS encourages students to study in their
home country or region provided that the educational institution is
accredited for higher education.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  An eligible candidate is a woman leader who:
*  is committed to grassroots organizing and the needs of her community or
indigenous group;
*  has proof of a bachelor's or a higher degree;
*  has at least three years of work experience dealing with critical human
rights concerns and other social, educational, environmental, health, or
economic conditions that threaten life or social stability, that
discriminate, or that destroy or deplete her country's or community's
*  is accepted into a non-doctoral graduate program at an accredited
university for full-time study/research related to her work experience;
*  can show evidence of financial need for educational support;
*  intends to return to her home country to work, utilizing training and
research acquired in the study program.

PRE-APPLICATIONS:  All applicants are invited to fill out pre-applications
(available January 1 through March 25, 2006) on our website or by request
from:  info at nativeleaders.org

DEADLINES:  NLS pre-applications for the 2006-07 academic year will be
available through March 25, 2006 on the website or by request.  After the
pre-application period ends, all candidates will be notified about their
application status.  Incomplete pre-applications will not be considered for
review.  Unsolicited additional documents provided by the pre-applicant will
not be reviewed.  Only a small group of candidates will be invited to
complete a full application.

For more information please visit:  http://www.nativeleaders.org

Aline Carton, Program Manager
Native Leadership Scholarship
Channel Foundation
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Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Tel:  (00)1-206-621-5447
Fax:  (00)1-206-621-2664
Email:  info at nativeleaders.org

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