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Korean Migration and Development


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The Social Science Research Council announces a competition for
postdoctoral fellowships to support research on Korean International
Migration and Development.  Fellowships are available for research and
writing to be conducted between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007.
Applications are due April 10, 2006.  


Funding to support these fellowships has been provided by the Korea
Research Foundation.


Goals and Topics:

The purpose of this fellowship program is to foster innovative research
that will improve understandings of the relationship of international
migration to economic development and related social, political, and
cultural processes.  Research will be supported that focuses on Korean
international migration and its developmental implications in Korea
and/or in the country receiving migrants.  Research topics that might be
proposed include but should not be limited to:


*         The international transfer of migrants' remittances and their
developmental impacts through consumption, education, savings,
investment, loans, and other activities related to economic and social


*         The developmental implications of the movement of unskilled
and skilled workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs for the welfare
and growth of families, communities, and national markets within Korea
and countries of migrant reception.


*         The relationship between migration and international trade
between Korea and migrant receiving countries.


*         The roles of international networks and organizations - such
as churches, professional associations, extended families, hometown
associations, trade and business groups, political coalitions, etc. - in
shaping economic activities, development processes, and their outcomes.


*         The role of international migrants in forming national and
local policies to reinforce overseas Koreans' national identities and
the impact of such policies on economic, political, social, and cultural
aspects of development.


*         The implications of migration for culturally based trade and
consumption - e.g. exports of traditional consumer goods to Koreans
abroad; tourism for returning migrants and their children; exchanges of
music, art, cinema and other cultural forms - as related to economic
growth and social development.


Applications to research these or other aspects of Korean migration and
development of a contemporary or historical nature are welcome.


The Awards:

Four fellowships of $25,000 each will be awarded to support research and
writing that can begin as early as June 1, 2006 and must be completed by
May 31, 2007.  Fellowship funds can be used to cover salary and/or
research expenses.  Applicants are encouraged to seek supplemental
financial support as useful. 


Pairs of scholars are encouraged to submit joint applications for a
single fellowship. For example, two scholars based in different
disciplines can propose to examine an aspect of migration and
development from cross-disciplinary perspectives or two scholars based
in Korea and the United States can propose to examine a transnational
aspect of migration and development linking Korea and a migrant
receiving country.


Scholars who accept a fellowship will be required to participate in two
meetings with the other fellows and members of the Fellowship Selection
Committee to consider how to link and enhance the collective
contributions of their research.  The meetings will take place June 6-8,
2006 prior to the initiation of research and May 28-30, 2007 after
research and writing-up of results have been completed.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

Scholars who are based in Korea or the United States and who hold a PhD
in any of the social sciences (including history) are eligible to apply
for a fellowship.  Applicants must be professionally proficient in


Priority will be given to applicants who propose to research significant
questions, will employ appropriate methods of research and analysis,
have backgrounds of prior research accomplishment, and whose project
promises to contribute new understandings of migration and development
specific to Korean migration but with theoretical implications for the
advancement of migration and development studies more broadly.  


Application Process:

Applications must arrive at the offices of the SSRC on or before the
deadline of April 10, 2006 and include five copies of the following


1.          Application form;

2.          Project description;

3.          Two letters of recommendation;

4.          Curriculum Vitae;

5.          Demonstration of English proficiency.


For application materials and instructions click here
age> .

Applications must be written in English and mailed to:


Korean Migration and Development Fellowships

International Migration Program

Social Science Research Council

810 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY  10019


Awards will be announced and applicants notified by May 15, 2006.


For further information contact the SSRC International Migration

Email:  migration at ssrc.org

Tel: (212) 377-2700 ext. 604


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