[URBANTH-L]AAA Panel on Transportation Anthropology

David Levinger david at feetfirst.info
Thu Mar 23 01:12:22 EST 2006

I am recruiting interest in a panel at the 2006 AAA Annual Meeting on 
the topic of Transportation.

Please let me know if you are interested in and able to present on a 
dimension within this topic area.  Transportation and mobility is a 
rare topic within anthropological research, but it bears great 
promise in understanding and comparing cultures.  A wide range of 
subject matter arises within this category, including:
    * Patterns of the stages of life and cultural roles afforded to 
people of declining independent mobility
    * Cultural meaning of power and the relationships between 
motorized and non-motorized travel
    * Technology and cyborg identity as a way of life
    * Transit use and status
    * The meaning of space and place made possible or impeded by 
various forms of mobility
    * Valorization of life and discounting of accidental death as 
consequences of high-speed street networks
    * Cultures of expertise and speculative urban transformation
    * Meaning, representation, and moving standpoints
My own work lies at the intersection of political anthropology and 
technology studies.  I am executive director of a non-profit 
pedestrian advocacy organization, am affiliate associate professor of 
urban design and planning at the University of Washington, and 
participate in national research networks that are studying 
environmental correlates to physical activity.

I am especially interested in recruiting people for a panel proposal, 
but please also let me know if you are engaged in or interested in 
the topic area so that I might learn more about your work.  At 
present, we have three tentative presenters/discussants and have 
openings for four more.

Thank you for your interest,


David Levinger, PhD, PE
Executive Director
Feet First
1402 Third Ave, Suite 1121
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 652-2310 (office)
(206) 390-8118 (mobile)
david at feetfirst.info

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