[URBANTH-L]Last Call for Papers on Global Level of Integration

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sat Mar 25 14:49:38 EST 2006

Dear Colleagues:

Please consider contributing a paper or your services as a discussant to the 
session on the global level of integration and its relationship to the 
local. You may send your title and abstract to me at paulanthropus at cox.net.

Here is the abstract for the session.

Linking the Global Level of Integration with the Local:: Definition, Theory, 
and Practice

The papers of this panel address the conceptualization of a worldwide level 
of integration identified by various rubrics: supranational level of 
integration, global capitalism, globalization, global level of integration. 
However termed, the papers presented here acknowledge a supranational 
formation beyond the state level of integration conceptualized by Steward 
and Service. The first paper synthesizes existing literature on the 
supranational level of integration and goes on to conceptualize power with 
network analysis connecting actors at all levels of integration. In the 
second paper, the author examines the role played by information and 
communication technology in linking local informal economies with the global 
one, using the tourist trade as an example.  The third paper examines Indian 
women workers' status and role in a Nike factory in Delhi, partly as a 
product of local conditions, but also as one of company policy.  The 
creation of a global space for resistance and alternative economies brought 
about by corporate capitalism forms the topic of the fourth paper, which 
illustrates the process with the recuperación movement of closed factories 
in Argentina and seven other Latin American countries, and touching on other 
resistance movements elsewhere.


Paul McDowell, Organizer
Instructor in Anthropology
Santa Barbara City College 

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