[URBANTH-L]other urban anthropologists writing fantasy? (fwd)

RAE BRIDGMAN bridgman at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Mar 27 10:40:12 EST 2006

My debut fantasy novel for young people, "The Serpent's Spell" (Great
Plains Publications, 2006) is due out soon...mid-April. The book is set in
a "secret city" within Winnipeg's own Exchange District and was inspired
by the snakes of Narcisse, Manitoba. It also features my pen-and-ink
drawings. For more information, you can check <www.raebridgman.ca>.

The novel follows on the footsteps of my scholarly book "StreetCities:
Rehousing the Homeless" (Broadview Press, 2006)---an experimental
ethnography documenting two generations of an alternative housing model to
help rehouse chronically homeless women and men. The book features
photographs, handwritten fieldnotes, screenplay format and residents'
personal narratives.

Are there any other urban anthropologists who have been living "parallel
lives" and writing/illustrating fiction? I'd be interested in hearing from

Rae Bridgman

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