[URBANTH-L]CFP: Paper Landscapes and Lived Landscapes (Warsaw)

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The conference website is: http://www.cges.umn.edu/research/conferences.htm 

Paper Landscapes and Lived Landscapes 

Cadastral Systems, Agrarian Reform, and European Union Expansion

An Interdisciplinary Conference, Warsaw, Poland 11-14 January 2007


Access to land is often the single most important factor constraining rural
development. The creation of cadastral systems, or other institutions that
give official recognition of property rights, is fundamental to the
transition from socialist to capitalist economies. Informal, traditional,
and de jure land rights may differ. This conference aims to bring
researchers together to engage recent scholarship examining these processes
of change and theoretical considerations. Papers from all disciplines on
topics which engage land-related developments in Central and Eastern Europe
will be included. Topics include the development of cadastres, the processes
of agrarian reform, impacts of EU expansion, land tenure adaptations,
agricultural policy, foreign capital investment, globalization's impacts.

The conference organizers invite you to submit an abstract for this
conference by 1Aug2006. 


The conference will be small in size, with no more than 30 participants. It
strives to create rich opportunities for intellectual discussion and
cross-disciplinary exchange. With this goal in mind, all papers will be
distributed two months in advance for conference participants and
discussants. Emphasis is placed on the comments of discussants and
discussions; no time will be dedicated to paper presentations. Discussants
will present their comments in conference sessions and authors will have
five to ten minutes for a response before general discussion of the
session's papers. Discussants will provide written copies of their comments.
After editing, the original papers and discussant comments will be posted on
a public website to assure access to all researchers working in this area. A
peer-reviewed and edited publication will also be prepared. 


The conference will be held at the Polish Academy of Science's Institute of
Geography and Spatial Organization in Warsaw Poland. The institute is
located a short walk or one tram stop to the west from the main station.
Hotel rooms are located a short walk from the institute or in hostels within
a twenty minute tram ride. Details will be posted at the conference website.
Costs of transport and accommodation are the participants' responsibility.
We will also provide information about possible sources of travel support on
the conference website. 

Conference Organizers and Review Panel
Dr. J. Banski, Polish Academy of Science, Institute of Geography and Spatial
Dr. P. Bloch, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Forest Ecology
& Management and 

Land Tenure Center

Dr. F. Harvey, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Department of Geography
Dr. T. Wolfe, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Department of History
Important Dates
1Aug2006 - Abstract and letter of intent submission
1Sep2006 - Draft paper submission (20 pages)
30Sep2006 - Acceptance notice
30Oct2006 - Submission of revised paper
30Nov2006 - Posting of conference schedule and discussants


The conference website is: http://www.cges.umn.edu/research/conferences.htm.

Please email Dr. Francis Harvey fharvey at umn.edu <mailto:fharvey at umn.edu>  or
Dr. Thomas Wolfe wolfe023 at umn.edu any questions related to the conference. 

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