[URBANTH-L] sense of place/enactment/tourism/town revitalization ("Bavarian village")

RAE BRIDGMAN bridgman at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed May 31 11:21:52 EDT 2006

Thank you very much to everyone on the list who has provided leads about
Leavenworth, Washington! (I am always surprised and pleased at how
gracious and generous list members are about sharing their
knowledge---even for seemingly arcane requests for help.) The
article below may be useful for others, hence this posting. Article is
available on-line through EBSCOhost electronic journals service. (I'm
associated with an architectural firm that is working on a similar
themed concept for a rural town in Manitoba, Canada, hence my
most immediate interest in the topic.)  Rae Bridgman


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here's one academic paper I know of on Leavenworth:

Frenkel, S., & Walton, J. (2000). Bavarian Leavenworth and the Symbolic
Economy of a Theme Town. The Geographical Review, 90(4), 559-584.

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