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Call for Papers


Navigating African and Black Diaspora: Crossing, Belonging  and Presence


The new international journal of African and Black Diaspora (Routledge)
seeks manuscripts that critically examine notions of crossing, belonging
and presence in the context of African and Black Diaspora. 


Given that diaspora is a distinctive historical experience, with its own
particular history and forms of subjectivity and relationality, in what
ways does the intersectionality of crossing, belonging and presence
offer a conceptual grid for historicized analysis of the trans/national
movement of individuals and groups of African and Black Diaspora? How
might these notions articulate the particularities of African and Black
Diaspora and their transoceanic, trans-imperial narratives in marking
the terror of empire?  How do notions of crossing, belonging and
presence provide for a critical reading of the traveling cultures of the
African and Black Diaspora? In what ways do crossing, belonging and
presence serve as site for a critical discourse for African and Black
Diaspora in the age of globalization? 


The journal of African and Black Diaspora is devoted to a critical
interrogation of the trans/national movements, locations and
intersections of subjectivity within the African Diaspora in the context
of globalization as well as in different discourses, practices and
political contexts. The journal maps and navigates the theoretical and
political shifts imposed by the nation-state to provide a
counter-narrative of subject positions of people of the African
diaspora,  grounded in cultural and political responses.


The journal seeks to broaden and deepen the study of the African and
Black Diaspora by providing a critical venue for new historical and
theoretical interventions to map out the intersections and multiple
narratives of the African and Black Diaspora with other diasporas in all
parts of the globe and across time and space.  The journal seeks to
historicize these diasporic movements, and analyze their relationality
across fields of social relations, subjectivities and identities.

How to Submit

Three complete copies of each manuscript should be submitted to any
editor. They should be typed on one side of the paper, double spaced,
with one inch margins, and bear the title of the article and name(s) of
the author(s), along with a copy on 3.5 inch disk or CD in ASCII text,
WordPerfect, Word for DOS, Word for Windows, Microsoft Word or RTF
format. The full postal address of the author who will check proofs and
receive correspondence should also be included. All pages should be
numbered.  Footnotes should be avoided. For advice in advance of
submission contact one of the Editors. 

The deadline for submission is March 30, 2007.

 Manuscripts for the special issue should be sent to one of the Editors:


For information regarding the journal African and Black Diaspora, 

please contact the Editors:


Fassil Demissie

Public Policy Studies

DePaul University

2352 N. Clifton Ave

Chicago, IL 60614

fdemissi at depaul.edu

Sandra Jackson

Center for Black Diaspora

DePaul University

2320 N. Kenmore Ave

Chicago, IL 60614

sjackson at depaul.edu

Abebe  Zegeye,

The School for Graduate Studies, 
University of South Africa
PO Box 392, Pretoria 0003
South Africa

zegeya at unisa.ac.za



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