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Urban Studies is constituting a broad and significant, interdisciplinary
research area which is essential to understand the current urban condition
of today. The world is facing a situation that it has never faced before.
The majority of the human settlements in the world is under a rapid
urbanization process that contain complex and variant economical,
sociological, architectural and political inputs. Therefore urban studies in
all scales and localities hold great importance to contribute to this
transformation globally. The interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies
have never been so important than it is today because of the multiple
impacts of events. Post-Fordist, post-colonial, post-industrial, post-war
transformations are just a few of these transitions to trace the spill-over
In Turkey, there is a clear need for a peer-reviewed academic urban studies
journal to channel the existing and potential researches. It is also
necessary for the accumulation of knowledge in specific areas.There is a
growing interest in cross-disciplinary encounters and studies. Konya
Metropolitan Municipality and EDAM (Education Counseling and Research
Center) have joined forces to initiate a publication in this field.
Journal of Urban Research will be a quarterly peer reviewed academic journal
published by Konya Metropolitan Municipality which will focus on built
environment, urban living and urban management areas to contribute to the
process of promoting new intellectual studies.
Journal of Urban Research as a social science journal in general and as an
urban studies platform in particular will feature the articles on the areas
of urban sociology, city and regional planning, architecture, urban history,
political science, and public management. The interest areas of the journal
will be the concepts which are directly relevant with problems of cities
like urban planning, architecture, human settlements, sociology, criminology
and etc. as well as the phenomenon of globalization, modernization,
traditions, democracy, civil society, public sphere, private sphere,
everyday life and consumption cultures, life styles, mass housing, slum
hosing, and ghettoization. The journal will feature high-qualified
interdisciplinary articles from the areas of sociology, psychology, health,
anthropology, law, political science, international relations, economics,
art history, archeology, literature and communication. Journal of Urban
Research is open to international articles as well as the articles from

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