[URBANTH-L]FUNDING: New Funds to Help Fight Human Trafficking

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Fri Oct 6 17:50:47 EDT 2006

 New Funds to Help Fight Human Trafficking

 Posted on Friday, 06-10-2006

Ecuador - The provision of new funds from the US government's development 
agency USAID will allow IOM to contribute in the implementation of a 
national plan of action on countering human trafficking and other forms of 

In addition to providing technical support to the commission in charge of 
the development and implementation of the plan, the donation of US$250,000 
will allow IOM to promote the 101 national police helpline as part of 
efforts to provide greater protection and assistance to victims of human 

Recognizing the importance of public/private alliances in 
counter-trafficking efforts, IOM will also sign a cooperation agreement 
between USAID, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ricky Martin Foundation, 
the Inter-American Development Bank and the National Institute for Child and 
Family in a bid to raise public awareness of the issue through a campaign 
called 'Call and Live'.

Ecuador has decided to use the 101 national helpline to address human 
trafficking issues, such as the prevention of the crime, the protection of 
and assistance to victims, and the prosecution of traffickers.

Using its experience in setting up counter-trafficking helplines elsewhere 
in the region, IOM will provide technical assistance in the adaptation of 
existing police software.
These measures are part of IOM efforts in the country to support the work of 
the authorities in countering human trafficking and follow the signing of an 
agreement with the Specialized Department for Children and Adolescents of 
the National Police and a tripartite agreement with the National Institute 
for Child and Family and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For further information please contact:
Nadia Zelisko
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