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A broader issue of the IRB debate is the involvement of 
anthropologists in CIA research. Our students are being recruited for 
summer internships as a gateway into the world of secret research. 
Every ethical issue of concern that is raised by IRBs in the name of 
federal regulations is violated by secret research . Yet the AAA 
newsletter announces positions in the CIA and our ethnic code 
apparently no longer talks about our first responsibility to the 
people with whom we work. Why do universities allow our students and 
graduates to be recruited for these positions? Should not this be a 
concern of our IRB's rather than the exact wording of a questionnaire?

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Nina Glick Schiller

At 12:21 PM 4/5/2007, Josiah Heyman wrote:
>A version of Stuart Plattner's article on IRBs is one the web at:
>It was also published in Anthropological Quarterly,
>This is courtesy of Dr. Plattner, AQ, and the SfAA Public Policy Committee.
>Look at the other links while you are there.
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