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The University of California Press  is pleased to announce the publication of:

Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World

Carolyn Nordstrom is Professor of Anthropology at Notre Dame and 
author of several books including _Shadows of War: Violence, Power, 
and International Profiteering in the Twenty-First Century _and 
_Fieldwork Under Fire: Contemporary Studies of Violence and Culture,_ 
both from UC Press; and _A Different Kind of War Story._


"A deeply insightful book that connects the dots of the hidden 
systems that have subverted democracy and caused the type of 
desperation and anger that result in a 9/11. A book that opens our 
awareness."-John Perkins, author of The New York Times bestseller 
_Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man_

Carolyn Nordstrom explores the pathways of global crime in this 
stunning work of anthropology that has the power to change the way we 
think about the world. To write this book, she spent three years 
traveling to hot spots in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States 
investigating the dynamics of illegal trade around the world-from 
blood diamonds and arms to pharmaceuticals, exotica, and staples like 
food and oil. _Global Outlaws _peels away the layers of a vast 
economy that extends from a war orphan in Angola selling Marlboros on 
the street to powerful transnational networks reaching across 
continents and oceans. Nordstrom's extraordinary fieldwork includes 
interviews with scores of informants, including the smugglers, 
victims, power elite, and profiteers who populate these economic war 
zones. Her compelling investigation, showing that the sum total of 
extra-legal activities represents a significant part of the world's 
economy, provides a new framework for understanding 
twenty-first-century economics and economic power. _Global Outlaws 
_powerfully reveals the illusions and realities of security in all 
areas of transport and trade and illuminates many of the difficult 
ethical problems these extra-legal activities pose.

Full information about the book, including the table of contents, is 
available online: http://go.ucpress.edu/Nordstrom

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