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List members might be interested in the following conference:

Journeys of Expressions VI : Diaspora Community Festivals and Tourism,
York, United Kingdom, 4-6 October 2007 

and its approaching early bird registration deadline (17. August 2007)!!

Journeys of Expressions VI

Diaspora Community Festivals and Tourism is the sixth of our continuing
conference series exploring the multi-faceted relationships between
tourism and festivals. Journeys of Expressions aims to discuss touristic
practices in relation to traditional and contemporary diaspora community
festivity. The conference will encourage an interdisciplinary debate
between academics and practitioners of various backgrounds including
tourism studies, festival studies, sociology, anthropology, cultural
studies, cultural geography, politics, etc.

The conference will also include presentations from Arthur France, one
of the founders of the Leeds Caribbean Carnival and Hughbon Condor, one
of the UK's leading Carnival costume and troupe designers.

Conference Themes

* Themes the conference will address include:
* Defining and conceptualising diasporas in connection with festivals
and cultural events;
* Histories of diaspora communities' mobilities and the transformation
and adaptation of festivity and cultural events to new community
circumstances and settings;
* Relationships between diaspora communities and the 'homeland' and
expressions of collective memory through festivals and cultural events;
* The distribution and circulation of globalised diaspora festival forms
- e.g. carnival, mela, Irish, Chinese, Jewish - religious and secular,
established, emerging and contested;
* The role of diaspora festivals and cultural events in policies and
programmes to promote community cohesion, crime reduction and
* Festivals, cultural events and the identities of diaspora community
members - inter-generational issues;
*         Festivals, cultural events and the multi- (inter-) cultural
* Settings and spaces for diaspora festivals and cultural events;
* Issues surrounding new and recently introduced diaspora community
festivals and cultural events;
*         Performing diaspora community arts through festivals;
*         Diaspora tourism markets.

Conference format

The conference is designed to be a discussion led, small scale event
hosting approximately 50-70 international delegates. In the tradition of
the Journeys of Expression series, we wish to animate an
interdisciplinary debate on the suggested themes and accepted paper
proposals from academics from various disciplinary backgrounds
including: tourism studies, anthropology, cultural studies, cultural
geography, religious studies, performance studies, history, social
policy, politics, etc. While providing a platform for academic exchange,
this conference also includes spaces to socialise with fellow academics
and carry debates beyond the formal settings of the conference venues.  

Conference Registration

The normal conference rate for delegates is £225. If you register before
17 August 2007, we offer an early bird rate at £185. We also offer a
student rate at £145 for full time students (please provide photocopy

Further Information

For more information on accepted papers, registration, programme etc
please visit www.tourism-culture.com <http://www.tourism-culture.com/>
or send an email to d.carl at leedsmet.ac.uk

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