[URBANTH-L]CFP: Gender Issues in International Migration (Asian Women)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Wed Aug 29 16:29:10 EDT 2007

Call for Papers
Asian Women
2007 Winter Issue, 2008 Spring Issue

Asian Women seeks submissions for recent gender issues such as women and 
welfare, women's rights, eco-feminism, health, women and bio-technology, 
women and history, men's studies, and other relevant themes in gender 
studies, slated for publication in 2007 issues.  Asian Women is accepting 
submissions for 2007 Winter issue with a special theme of War, Women, and 
Military, and Women in Conflicts and for 2008 Spring and Summer issue with a 
theme of Gender Issues in International Migration.

Please visit http://asianfem.sookmyung.ac.kr/issue/k_issue.htm?type=b for 
more specific information about submission.

Asian Women, an interdisciplinary journal covering various Women's Studies, 
Men's Studies, and Gender Studies themes, hopes to share intelligent 
original papers as well as case studies with you.  Also, any contributions 
of theoretical papers, regional reports, or case studies based on feminist 
studies and Asian studies will be welcomed.  The editors welcome submissions 
that are based on either collaborative or independent scholarship.  They 
also receive submissions from a wide variety of Asia and other countries. 
Contributors need to send their manuscripts to the Research Institute of 
Asian Women any time.  However, for the prompt evaluation procedure and 
publication for 2007 Winter issue, contributors should send their 
manuscripts by 30th of September 2007.  For more information, contact the 
Managing Editor, Research Institute of Asian Women, Sookmyung Women's 
University, 52 Hyochangwon-gil, Youngsan-ku, Seoul, Korea 140-742 or e-mail 
her at asianfem at sm.ac.kr. 

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