[URBANTH-L] FUNDING: BOREAS "Heading North, Heading South: Artic Social-Science Research in Global Dialogue" (Max Planck, Halle/Saale)

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Grants for Workshop Participation: BOREAS "Heading North, Heading South" 
March 2008
Deadline: December 16, 2007

The European Science Foundation is providing funds for 10 grants to enable 
young scholars to participate in the BOREAS Workshop "Heading North, Heading 
South: Arctic social-sciences research in a global dialogue" (Max Planck 
Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany, 6-9 March 2008). We 
encourage junior researchers from a broad range of disciplines -- arts, 
humanities and social sciences -- to apply for a grant. Deadline: 16 
December 2007.

BOREAS is an ESF-funded initiative for promoting research in humanities and 
social sciences in the North, for the North, and from a Northern 
The North has long been influential in the history of European humanism and 
science, and this significance is set to increase in the run-up to 
International Polar Year in 2007-8.

A major commitment of BOREAS is to place the circumpolar North into wider 
contexts. There is the need for "deprovincializing" Arctic/Northern 
social-sciences research. BOREAS has the unique potential to demonstrate how 
social-sciences and environmental research activities in the Arctic can 
provide new insights for, and be linked up with, research in other parts of 
the world. The Workshop "Heading North, Heading South: Arctic 
social-sciences research in a global dialogue" will offer a major 
opportunity to do so.

BOREAS researchers will share their "lessons from the North" with 
internationally renowned scholars who, in their turn, will offer "lessons 
from the South" (Africa, Central and South Asia, South America, and other 
regions of the southern hemisphere). Seven sessions will be organized 
facilitate the dialogue from cross-sectional perspectives. In addition to 
bringing together renowned scholars from the South and the North, the 
workshop also aims at integrating the next generation of scholars into the 
debates. For this reason, the European Science Foundation has provided 
financial means for 10 Workshop Grants.

Workshop sessions

1 Frontiers and borders;
2 Indigeneity and indigenism;
3 Conversion and community cohesion;
4 Migration;
5 Relocation;
6 Development and conservation;
7 Environmental change.

For details on these sessions, see the outline at 

The 10 junior researchers who join the workshop on the basis of a grant are 
expected to present their current research activities in a poster session. 
Your application for a Workshop Grant should summarize the scope and 
topicality of your research activities and simultaneously make clear how 
your research articulates with the issues and questions discussed in the 
seven thematic sessions of the workshop (2 pages maximum) and a short CV (2 
pages maximum). We encourage applications from all over the world, with 
applicants having typically received their doctoral degree in humanities or 
social sciences within the last 4 years.

Workshop Grants will cover national and international travel to Halle 
(Saale) within reasonable limits (economy airfare, 2nd class railway 
tickets), full board, and accommodation for 5 consecutive nights.

Please address applications or further inquiries to Dr Joachim Otto Habeck, 
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
habeck at eth.mpg.de

Subject Header: BOREAS Workshop Grant
Deadline for applications: 16 December 2007

This event, as part of the European Science Foundation EUROCORES Programme 
BOREAS, is supported by funds from the EC Sixth Framework Programme under 
Contract no. ERAS-CT-2003-980409.

Joachim Otto Habeck, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, PO Box 
110351, Halle 06017, Germany
Email: habeck at eth.mpg.de

Visit the website at 

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