[URBANTH-L] Re: O Come All Ye Scientists, Busy and Exhausted, oh come ye, oh come ye, out of the lab

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sun Dec 23 16:21:47 EST 2007

From: Becker, Marshall  <MBecker at wcupa.edu>

Bah - humbug!

As a scholar (dozen or so items per year) at a Union Shop institution where 
most faculty have never heard of "publish or perish" I have had ZERO 
incentive to conduct research and to endure thye hassle of the often brutal 
publication process! Yet I noted that I tended to submit many items at the 
end of term (as in, around Christmas as well as mid-May). Often I cannot 
give a long article a thorough final read through and editing (or five of 
them) until after grades were submitted.  Haven't seen the article, but do 
submissions also go up in May?

And what's this "vacation" stuff?  I though summer breaks were for planting 
and harvesting and research and writing!

Since retirement I believe that my submission pattern has changed!  Sorry, 
too busy to do research on THAT matter!
Happy Holidays to all -

Marshall Joseph Becker 

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