[URBANTH-L]AAA panel idea

Erica Lehrer erica.lehrer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:09:13 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues-

I am putting out feelers for participants for a potential AAA panel on
"Remembering the Other" - cases where members of one group are
involved in doing various kinds of memory-work to perpetuate the
memory of another group.  I'm particularly interested in cases where
this kind of cross-group remembering/memorializing might be seen as a
form of inter-group reconciliation after a history of conflict.  But
of course cases otherwise would also be illuminating.

Any ideas or expressions of interest are welcome!

Thanks very much,

Erica Lehrer, Ph.D.					
Jackson School of International Studies
University of Washington
Box 353650
Seattle WA 98195-3650
(206) 897-1665
elehrer at u.washington.edu

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