[URBANTH-L]Migration issues at Kunming ICAES

David Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu
Mon Feb 5 16:37:01 EST 2007

To SUNTA members and friends:

Re: ICAES and East Asian migration

As most of you already know, the International Congress
of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (ICAES) is
held every four years, with the next Congress now scheduled
for Kunming, China in July 2008.

I have been developing a set of interlinked panels on East
Asian migration for that Congress. The general structure will
be one panel on general comparative issues regarding East
Asian migration (especially its implications for development
and change) and then two more focused panels, one dealing
with the economics of migration and the other more with the
social and cultural implications.

I am particularly interested in having better representation from
Korea (because of its mix of migrants) and Vietnam (because
of the mix of border ties with China and labor and marriage ties
with Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.) But other areas and topics are
also possible.

So, if you have an interest in this, please let me know. This will
be a very good chance to think about Asian migration from within

Please respond off-line to:

         dhaines1 at gmu.edu

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